Your 2 Essential Ingredients For The Holiday Season

Here are two essential ingredients you cannot do without during the Thanksgiving and Holiday season. However, before I get to that let’s just set the stage…

For starters, I would hereby like to make a public service announcement that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is now officially in full gear!

To be honest I think it was activated right at the start of the month of November. However, for the sake of the skeptics who may disagree, let’s all at least agree that today is the official day. I am open to hear different opinions - just comment below but I would need strong justification confirming otherwise. :-)

Traffic has intensified to new levels. I was headed to the grocery store a few days ago to grab a couple of items and a 10 minute drive lasted 45 minutes and No, there were no accidents.

I decided that I could do one of two things:

  1. Get all worked up -

Fuss at every car around me (speak loud enough, disregard the fact that all windows are rolled up), wondering what was hindering them, and ask why they are not inching forward the moment rolling forward 3 inches from the previous car becomes an option - I confess I have been guilty of it. I would also constantly refresh my navigation app every few seconds to determine if there was an accident or construction work causing the holdup. Simultaneously, I would be trying to strategize how I could transform my car into an airplane to get out of traffic.


2. Take a deep breath and re-focus -

Turn up my favorite music, enjoy the moment of temporary forced stalling; get lost in the music and keep my peace and my blood pressure rightfully aligned.

Now as tempting and satisfying as option 1 was, I opted to exercise enough self-control to do the latter... The result - an ever refreshing time of worship and meditation causing the time in traffic to be less painful. As a matter of fact the backlog time flew by quickly.

Just thought I would throw that out there as this is necessary to help us manage all the stress and pressures of the season.

Now back to the 2 essential ingredients I mentioned.

Ingredient #1 - GRATITUDE