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Before working with Coach Sabina I was struggling to discern God’s voice and guidance. The Holy Ghost used her to help me recognize His leading and I have been flowing with Him ever since. Today I am operating in the power of the Holy Ghost and being used daily. If you want to know God’s plan for your life and how He speaks to you whether through dreams, visions, and directly to your spirit, God has anointed Sabina in this area. She also has a gift of compassion and mercy and sincerely wants all to know the Savior and fulfill their purpose in the earth.

Dr. Cortney Bolden


Coach Sabina is a righteous woman who stands on God’s word and used effectual fervent prayers to reach the heavens on my behalf. Back in early 2000 I was in a toxic relationship which had me walking through life in a deep depression. I would come into my workplace plagued with despair. This is when Coach Sabina stepped in and began to encourage me. I recall a day when she and another co-worker  found a place to gather, these women began to pray and plead the blood of Jesus over my life. The Holy Spirit was ever so present and I could begin to feel the weight shifting. Minister Sabina went a step further and wrote out a prayer for me to recite on a daily basis. She continued to pray for me and with me at work. Things started to get worse before they got better but I trusted the Lord and the servant he had sent to minister to me. As time went on, things began to turn around. I was freed from that toxicity! All glory to God and many thanks to Minister Sabina for her faithfulness to the will of God and taking on the assignment. Much has been availed in my life and I am forever grateful for Minister Sabina.  May God Continue to bless her beyond measure!

Kim G.

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Over the last twenty plus years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Coach Sabina on a very personal level alongside mentoring her. During this time I have watched Sabina conquer and gain victory over many life trials. Sabina has used these victories to help others to survive some of the worst battles in life.  Gleaning from her life experiences, Trusting in the Word of God and prayers, I watched Sabina be a friend and a coach to a young lady who had decided to end her marriage. I am happy to say that 10 years later the marriage is still working. When the church and family of a single, pregnant mom turned their back on her, Sabina did not only embrace her as a friend, but spent time encouraging her until she was whole again. This is only two of many times Sabina has supported others, but I know that her heart for people will make her one of the greatest life coaches ever. You are on the right path starting your transformational journey with Sabina Coaches!

Gina Hockaday, Executive Director
Downtown Outreach Ministry

Attractive Young Woman

"I have been receiving mentorship and counseling from Dr. Sabina for a while now and it has been such a life changing experience for me.

I’ve seen change and transformation in every area of my life from handling family and relationships, navigating school, figuring out my future plans and so much more. She has such impressive experience in that area and it has simply been amazing to have that insight into various areas including the music industry, business, finance, relationships.

 I’ve received countless revelations from God through her sessions especially when it comes to dreams. During the time she has taught me about dreams and how God speaks through them, I have received dreams often, almost daily and it has truly changed me forever!"

Kez K.

Mature Businessman

Coach Sabina has a personality that one could easily warm to. She makes you feel comfortable and is very easy to talk to. She is a source of inspiration and motivation, and is one who always pushes others to fulfill their goals and overcome obstacles.  She is highly recommended if you are in pursuit of transformational change.


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