Mindful shopping, mindful living

Shopping is one of those necessities that we cannot do without. Whether it is grocery shopping for self or family, or whether it is to purchase clothing, school supplies, gifts etc. money has to be spent in exchange for a commodity. Here are some mindful shopping tips that will help you stay on task and maintain a healthy budget - especially with the holiday season fast approaching.

Follow These Healthy Mindful Tips to Maintain a Healthy Budget


Before you leave your home, make a list! The list would help you stay on target and have an idea of your total budget spend.

Now, I would take it a step further and say "Go old school" and make your list on a sheet of paper and have a pen with you. Yes I said it :-) and this is why. There is a sense of satisfaction and achievement that comes from crossing off items from your list. That sense of accomplishment curtails the need to keep buying other items that had not been planned. If by happenstance you forget to make one in advance, use the notes app on your mobile device to make a list prior to starting to shop. This keeps you organized and focused on your end goals.


Look online to get an idea of the prices of items you are not unfamiliar with. This allows you to calculate your estimated spend and plan your budget in advance.


Mindful living is mindful healthy eating. Be intentional in what purchase, especially when it comes to grocery shopping.

  • Pick colorful produce

  • Focus on buying food in their most natural state as much as possible; i.e. lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • Keep processed foods at a minimum

It is okay to purchase that dessert you have been craving indulgence once in a while but do not make it a habit. Everything in moderation should be your rule of thumb.

Plan meals for the week ahead of time and use that to determine your list of items for purchase. This would limit the number of times you would need to ran in and out of the grocery store within one week and keep you on task in maintaining a healthy budget. Because the fact is this, every additional time you ran back to the store for one thing, chances are you would leave with more than one item. - I am a living witness :-)


Buyer Beware Alert!

Make sure you are not going shopping (specifically grocery shopping), on an empty stomach. Because, without a doubt YOU WILL find everything in the store extremely appetizing. You will hear all kinds of grocery items (even the foods you don't like) calling your name and saying "pick me" "pick me".

It is important to eat to gain energy, it keeps you alert, and allows you to move faster through the store to pick up the items you really need. Hungry and tired are a no-no. You will stall and consider buying everything that is not on your list.

Eat before heading out, it will keep you on task - thank me later!

Send me a note and let me know how these tips work out for you.

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