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Agile Simplified: The Agile Mindset (201)

Agile Simplified: The Agile Mindset (201)

This course is highly recommended for all individuals, project team leads, managers, small business owners and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of what Agile is, and applying Agile principles for successful execution of business endeavors.


In this course you will:

  • Understand the Agile approach to work and how to think about work
  • Learn how to apply the 4 guiding principles within the Agile mindset
  • Understand the cultural hierarchy shift of leaders and teams; how they collaborate and focus on serving  the customer
  • Learn practical steps of how to overcome challenges within Agile teams - Not getting along, collaborations
  • Learn strategies to address bottlenecks in workflow processes




For learners new to Agile, 'Agile Simplified: The Agile ABC's (101)' is an introductory and foundational course that is highly recommended to gain knowledge on the basics of Agile.  


The sequel to the 101 course in the Agile Simplified Series is Agile Simplified: The Benefits of Agile to Your Business (102)  -  The course explores how applying Agile principles benefits businesses.  


Knowledge and principles gained in both courses are fused into this course as the learner transitions to the third  in the Agile Simplified series: The Agile Mindset (201). 

This course takes a deep dive into practical real life experiences working on Agile teams. It addresses the challenges and roadblocks agile teams and organizations face and provides solutions. 


Note: The introductory courses provide the initial steps to understanding the concepts of Agile and is key to transitioning and progressing to course 201.


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