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Agile Simplified: The Agile ABCs (101)

Agile Simplified: The Agile ABCs (101)

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Have you heard the popular buzzword 'Agile' in business conversations and in the corporate workplace, and wondered what it meant? Are you curious to know how "being agile" can make you a better planner, better manage your teams and build your business? This foundational course is what you need!


This course teaches the ABCs (the basics), of what the popular trending business terminology and methodology “Agile” really means.


It utilities a simplified approach to provide both foundational knowledge to first time learners, and teaches business owners, project and product managers the practical strategies of applying agile principles for successful outcomes in their businesses and organizations.



What Will You Learn?

  • Gain foundational knowledge and learn the basics of what Agile is
  • Understand the 4 guiding principles of Agile
  • Learn the practical steps of applying the principles to you, your business and your customers
  • Learn the benefits of implementing Agile in your small business, projects, organization and other endeavors
  • Live Webinar

    This course is taught in a live webinar format. 

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